Your third molars typically referred to as the wisdom teeth, are the last molars to erupt in your mouth, usually in your late teens or early twenties. Nearly 85% of adults have had their wisdom teeth removed most commonly because their jaws couldn’t accommodate the additional growth. Wisdom teeth are supposed to grow in behind your second molars; however, the majority of people don’t have enough room behind their second molars for the wisdom teeth to grow into. We recommend that you have your teeth assessed by a dentist or dental surgeon before your wisdom teeth erupt to avoid any harm the growth of your molars could cause the rest of your teeth. In the majority of wisdom teeth cases, removal of all the molars is recommended. Luckily, as long as you follow the dentist’s instructions, removal of your wisdom teeth is fairly simple, and you should have few to no complications during your recovery.

Wisdom teeth removal: you have options

There are two options of anesthetic: general anesthesia and an intravenous sedation. Typically, general anesthesia would be used in cases where only a tooth or two were removed. You would be slightly groggy after the procedure, but you should feel no pain.  On the other hand, intravenous sedation is used in cases where the dentist would be extracting all the wisdom teeth. This option puts you to sleep and also dulls any pain from the procedure. Speak with your dentist before your surgery to figure out which option works best for you.

The process of removing wisdom teeth is fairly simple. The dentist will open up the gum tissue above the tooth and also remove any bone that is over the tooth. They will then separate any of the connective tissue attaching the tooth to the bone and then extract the tooth. In some cases, they made need to break the tooth into several pieces for an easier extraction.

We will guide you at every step of your wisdom tooth extraction 

As long as you follow your dentist’s instructions, you should have an easy and quick recovery. Be sure to call your dentist if you have any questions or concerns during your recuperation process. Having your wisdom teeth removed should be safe, simple, and save you from countless complications down the road.  

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