Transform your smile comfortably without the distraction of metal braces with Invisalign. Dr. Parker and Dr. Motwani’s cosmetic dentistry expertise, combined with the effectiveness and convenience of Invisalign, are a winning combination for those who have always dreamed of a gorgeous smile but would like to achieve it as smoothly and unobtrusively as possible. The service uses a clear polymer aligner that is custom fit to your teeth and mouth.  The aligner, virtually undetectable to others, fits neatly over your teeth and moves them into place over the course of a few weeks.  Aligners are removed for brushing, flossing, and eating but otherwise remain in place, gradually pulling teeth into alignment.  They are less painful than metal braces and less disruptive to patients’ lifestyles, making them a gentler, easier alternative. For 70 years, Invisalign has been the preferred smile alignment choice for adults seeking an alternative to traditional metal braces. With state-of-the-art technology that tailors each aligner for your comfort and a thought-leading approach to the science of cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign is the recommended choice for creating a winning smile. You can have a sparkling smile without the discomfort of wires and brackets in a shorter time than is usually required by traditional braces. A consultation with Dr. Parker or Dr. Motwani who has used Invisalign to build beautiful smiles for 10 years, is the first step in deciding whether Invisalign is right for you. Call us to schedule an appointment: (631) 724-0455. Invisalign is just one tool we use to create beaming, healthy smiles at our office. Check out our Smile Design services to learn how we can improve your smile.

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