If you cover your mouth when you smile or are uncomfortable with showing your teeth, it’s time you found a great solution for your crooked teeth. Invisalign, also known as invisible braces, is a practically invisible teeth-straightening option designed for teens and adults. It’s the best and quickest option, usually only taking a year, on average, until your teeth are straightened.

Aligners, the clear mouthpieces similar in appearance to a mouth guard, are individually created for your teeth. Each set of aligners are removable and are used for up to two weeks before being replaced by your next set. Because the aligners are almost invisible when you’re wearing them you can continue smiling and talking without anyone noticing.

Although it’s not recommended that you eat or drink anything other than water with the aligners in, you can easily remove the aligners to eat and drink. The aligners are also easy to clean, Invisalign has a cleaning kit for them or you can brush and rinse the aligners off in lukewarm water.

There is no risk to Invisalign, as long as you follow your dentist’s instructions. It’s the only pain-free method for straightening teeth. Over 4 million people have been satisfied with their results from Invisalign, you will be too!

Dr. David E, Parker, who specializes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, has used Invisalign to build beautiful smiles for over 10 years. Contact us now to make an appointment to consult with Dr. Parker about getting Invisalign for your smile.

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